So What is Traca?



Task Management | Real Time Communication | Marketing & Referrals.

Built for mobile phone first for a mobile workforce.

The software delivers a one- touch solution to the co- ordination of projects, bringing both the service delivery team and customers together while reducing administration time. TRACA allows mobile workers to communicate through the use of secure and private messages to multiple users, upload job progress, videos and images and vital documents in real time. Customer experience is enhanced through transparency and the business in question builds credibility and recognition through its service delivery.

So much more than a Task Management and Communication Tool

Task Management Tool

Task Management Tool

Your team’s work in one place. Plan your day & communicate priorities. Create Tasks for your work, your team’s work and sub-contractors work, instead of sending countless emails. Organise your Tasks into shared projects and invite the relevant people to access.

Social  Communication  Tools

Social Communication Tools

Traca has real time messaging to individuals or groups, often only found on social networks, so any decisions that need to be made during the project can be seen and recorded in one place keeping communication transparent and easy to find.

Marketing | Feedback  Social Media | Brand Tool

Marketing | Feedback Social Media | Brand Tool

Smart marketing tools to encourage your customers to promote your business / brand through social media to boost referrals. Receive real time feedback on Tasks, Projects & completed jobs that will automatically sync with your online presence.

Task Management Tool
All accessible from the palm of your hand

Stay in control and deliver a better service for your team, sub-contractors and customers. Run all your projects better, and make your life easier.

Traca is a full-featured, user-friendly task management tool that helps teams accomplish more & increase productivity. Traca allows you to manage tasks, projects, and entire teams online. With a comprehensive set of features and elegant interface it enables your team to manage all your tasks in a central hub, share to-dos, documents and collaborate efficiently in real time, dramatically reducing your administration overheads.

The only comprehensive system that allows permission base access to different Tasks, clients, companies and communication in the market. Traca allows you to have several 'user' types; for example, Super Admin, company team member, sub-contractor and customer. All can be invited to access different areas of your branded Traca account, allowing the relevant people access to the information that they are involved with.

Social Communication Tools

Stop drowning in email, lengthy phone calls, lost paperwork, WhatsApp groups and SMS messages on every Task or Project. Inbox bottom-less pit is over. Traca works in teams so that all relevant parties only gets the information they need.

Access all communication in one place. Attach unlimited number of files. All files and communication is time and geo-located stamped. Allow people, who need to know, what, where and when Tasks have been actioned upon or completed. User will be notified within the application and on email when an action they are involved in has been updated, keeping them in the loop whilst they are on the move.

Invite specific people into the application depending on the Task or Project. If a sub-contractor is required to work alongside your existing staff that person 'can' be given access to a Task/Project that they are related to.

Marketing | Feedback Social Media | Brand Tool
Promote your business with more referrals - Available soon

Smart marketing tools to encourage your customers to promote your business / brand through social media to boost new business referrals.

It is proven that the most successful form of new business generation is by referrals. You already have the stamp of approval by a trusted person/company by them recommending your services to their connection. Traca gives you the modern day solution to 'word of mouth' in the form of referrals. We do this by giving you unique social media tools that compel your customer to share your good work on their social networks. By doing this they promote your brand to their network and connections enhancing your referral rate.

Traca makes it very easy for you to share completed jobs/projects on your own social networks and website. If you do not have a website then we will automatically create a web page where all your recent work will be displayed allowing you to send the URL (link) to any prospective customers.

Receive real-time feedback on completed projects that 'can' automatically sync with your online presence or simply address any issues, if necessary, to improve your business processes.

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