Government is urging tech companies to target healthcare sectors
Government is urging tech companies to target healthcare sectors

Great encouragement to businesses in Healthcare tech in the northern regions.

The government is urging tech companies to target the education and healthcare sectors as it encourages the industry’s growth outside London.

The digital economy minister, Ed Vaizey, wants the next generation of tech entrepreneurs to focus on sectors that are largely state-backed. Wherever government is involved as a buyer of services, Vaizey said, it should make the most of new technology. “In education, universities and colleges are already using massive online courses, so lectures and courses can reach a much wider audience, costing less. Could schools benefit from similar innovations?” he said.

Vaizey said the NHS still relies top-heavily on paper-based bureaucracy and requires further digital innovation “so that our amazing doctors and nurses can spend more time saving lives and improving care”.

Above quotation taken from the technology section in the guardian

There are so many great tech companies in the health & social care sectors developing innovative products and services – however the big problem they are facing is that they re creating another ‘silo’ of data and information. TracaCare helps to bring them all together with its single sign-in process with its best of breed permission based communication platform.