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Stay in control and deliver a better service for your customers

Your team’s work in one place. Plan your day & communicate priorities. Create Tasks for your work, your team’s work and sub contractors work, instead of sending countless emails. Organise your Tasks into shared projects and invite the relevant people to access.

Traca helps to collaborate, report and task manage across multi-site and mobile worker businesses with the added benefit of social network opportunities for referrals. The software is able to swiftly and simply align diverse workforces to benefit all parties concerned.

Benefits for Builders | Construction | Tradesmen

  • One-touch solution to the co-ordination of projects, bringing both the service delivery team and customers together while reducing administration time.
  • Solution to store all associated documents to a Client, Company, Task or Project in one searchable place & date stamped.
  • Customer experience is enhanced through transparency building credibility and recognition through its service delivery.
  • Dramatically reduces any project discrepancies with clients.
  • Automates and improves on your referral rates to win more business at the same time as automating customer feedback.
  • Traca takes care of your social media (Twitter, Facebook) and gives you tools to help promote your business more effectively online with no extra time overheads from yourselves.
  • Stay in control by understanding where you are with all your projects at a glance.
  • Automated and date stampe correspondence throughout a project to avoid disputes. Evidence work completed with simple communication tools.
  • Simple schedule of Tasks or projects with associated people and description of work to be completed allows you and your customers keep up to date with progress.

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