Careers at Traca

Do you have what it takes to join the Traca team? Traca are always on the look out for the best talent! We are always looking for talented UI designers, developers and business development people on all levels of experience. If you have the right attitude we will develop your skill set. If Traca feels like it's for you, drop us your details at

Our tips to take our team from Great to Extraordinary

Create a Common Vision

A common vision for all team members is essential. Spend time visioning as a team - what you want to create and where you want to go.

Ask yourself: How clear is our vision? and do all our members hold the same vision?

Spend Time Learning What Your Team Members Need

Create a time where communication is open and individual team members feel comfortable voicing their needs making work more focused and productive.

Ask yourself: What are the top three priorities for our team members?

Develop Common Goals

Ensure that your business or projects goals are understood and supported by all team members involved. All need to understand how their efforts are feeding into the larger objectives.

Ask yourself: Is everyone clear on what their goals are?

Keep It Regular

Monthly or quarterly open conversations where anyone have the floor to voice an opinion or a concern. Impulsive fun team building or half a day doing something away from the normal job.

Ask yourself: How often should we meet and how often should we do something totally different from the normal working environment?

Clarify Roles and Responsibilities

One of the main challenges for organisations is to move ahead to where they really want to be due to lack of clarity on individual roles and responsibilities. Clarifying these roles can help in supporting and achieving your common vision and goal.

Ask yourself: How clear are our staff in understanding their specific roles? Their specific responsibilities? Where do roles and responsibilities overlap between individual team members?

Have Fun!

Most importantly, a team needs to have fun and engage all members of staff. Staff need to want to come into work but also appreciate that there are times when the company needs them to go the extra mile. Critical for the business to then reward members for their commitment as well by offering a great working place.

Ask yourself: What would fun look like for us, given our organisational culture and philosophy?